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Humus Compost

Humus Compost is an excellent foundation for fertility programs and Microleverage® Humus Tea is the framework that holds the house together.

Ultra Defense Solution

MicroLeverage® Defense Solution is a microbial soil inoculant that enhances biodiversity and discourages the growth of undesirable microorganisms in the soil ecosystem. This liquid medium contains a balanced group of microbes that restabilize the soil while fighting off pathogens.

Root Solution

MicroLeverage® Root Solution is a liquid mixture that introduces large numbers of probiotic bacteria into the soil to promote the growth of a variety of beneficial microorganisms. The four bacillus strains used in MicroLeverage® Root Solution are naturally occurring and have been selected for their ability to grow in the root zone of crops and emit electrochemical stimulators to encourage root growth.

Ag Pro

A compost mineral blend for alfalfa, legumes, corn and other row crops. Microleverage® Ag-Pro Plus contains more humus and minerals to replenish the natural soil balance faster and promote healthier longer lasting stands, premium quality hay, increased yields, and more drought tolerance.

Turf Pro

Natural turf fertility for lawns, ball fields and golf courses. Keeping your grass sod-strong and weed-free may feel like a battle with nature, but it doesn't have to be. Turf-Pro Natural lets you work with nature to get the results you want.

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